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This 36-year-old patient was in great shape, but she had a common concern: stubborn fat around her thighs. Many people find that there are certain areas of the body that no amount of exercise can improve, including the thighs, abdomen, and hips. After researching plastic surgeons in Columbia, this patient decided to meet with Dr. Chang for a consultation.

She discussed various body contouring options and listened to Dr. Chang's recommendations. After asking her about her health history and aesthetic goals, the board-certified plastic surgeon recommended a special kind of liposuction called Smartlipo MPX™.

All liposuction procedures use a thin surgical tube called a cannula to remove subcutaneous fat from concentrated pockets in the body. The fat first needs to be broken down so that it can be easily removed, and that's where innovations such as Smartlipo come in. Dr. Chang uses this laser-assisted liposuction method in Columbia to first melt the fat before removing it. The laser also makes for less bruising after the procedure and a quicker recovery. Additionally, laser energy delivered deep within the skin can promote tightening on the surface for a smoother, sleeker look.

This patient's after photos were taken about a year after her liposuction procedure. As the pictures show, she saw a great improvement in her thighs, which now have a slim, attractive contour.

Surgeon: Eric Chang, MD

Age: 36
Gender: Female