Breast Augmentation Case 25


Case 25



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Procedures Performed

  • Breast Augmentation

After having 3 children, this 34-year-old woman regained her pre-pregnancy figure through a dedicated exercise program. While she had a fit, toned body, her breasts remained small, flattened, and droopy. She visited Dr. Chang for a consultation to determine if Baltimore breast enhancement could help her attain the attractive, womanly breast size and shape she desired.

Dr. Chang explained that breast augmentation in Baltimore, Maryland would only be a partial solution; it could replace lost breast volume and increase her breast size. But, she would also need a breast lift to correct the sagging, remove excess skin, and reshape her nipples. The patient agreed that a combination breast augmentation-lift would give her the improvements she desired.

For the breast augmentation, Dr. Chang placed 325cc smooth, round saline implants under the chest muscles. This placement gives women with minimal body fat and little breast tissue natural-looking breast contours. He also performed a minimal scar (areolar only) breast lift to enhance the shape and reduce the size of her nipples.

These photos were taken 6 months after her combination breast augmentation-lift. This woman is extremely pleased with her fuller, more lifted breasts that look natural. She is more confident in everything she wears from a bikini bathing suit or form fitting work-out tops to everyday clothing around town.

Surgeon: Eric Chang, MD