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Case 8



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Procedures Performed

  • Breast Augmentation

This young woman was not satisfied with her breast shape and size. She felt that her breasts, which filled a B-cup bra, did not balance well with the lower half of her body, making her feel awkward. While problems like these may create an imbalanced or unattractive look, they often can be corrected with very slight adjustments using cosmetic surgery in Baltimore.

When she met with Dr. Chang, this patient discussed a number of options to enhance her breasts. After discussing her goals and procedure choices, they decided on a breast augmentation. Dr. Chang used saline implants filled to 360cc, placing them through an incision near the lower breast crease, which helps hide any scarring.

This patient experienced a typical recovery. Gauze dressings are removed within several days, although patients are required to wear a surgical bra throughout the healing process to ensure that the breasts heal in an aesthetically pleasing breast position. Most patients undergoing a breast augmentation can expect some soreness for a few days following surgery, but should be up and about in a few days.

For the first two to three weeks patients should avoid direct contact with their breasts, but most patients will not find it uncomfortable after this point. Your recovery time will depend on factors like your skin quality and healing ability, but most patients can get back to work and most daily activities within the week.

After her procedure this patient's frame looks more balanced, and she is happy with the natural-looking results of her breast augmentation near Baltimore, Maryland.

Surgeon: Eric Chang, MD

Gender: Female